For tourists - Discover the Norwegian culture at Oasen

Oasen Storsenter

Are you visiting Haugesund and want a taste of Norwegian culture and shopping? Then Oasen Storsenter is the perfect place to stop at!🤩🚢

You will find Oasen located at just around 5 kilometers from the center of Haugesund, right next to the iconic Karmsund Bridge. The shopping Centre offers a unique variety of shopping, food and experiences.

How to get here:

-Get a sight of the sights for cheap : Buses with bus line number 202, 209 and 210 will take you to Norheim Terminal, 50 meters from Oasen, at a very reasonable price 20 NOK / 1,90 Euros.

-Travel comfortably and fast: There are several taxi services available to drive you to- and from Oasen. A 10-minute drive from Haugesund centre, will take you to Oasen for around 200 NOK / 1,90 euros.

-Enjoy the nature, and experience Haugesund by bicycle: Cycling to Oasen from Haugesund will take around 30 minutes.

-Drive a car, and make use of our free parking spaces. That also includes our family-parking spaces - bigger spaces located close to the entrance.

What do we recommend you see at Oasen?

Everything! We have numerous clothing stores, three hair salons/barbershop and three beauty/wellness salons, a pharmacy, several great dining places either you’re craving sweet baked goods, tasty pizza or fresh salads and much more.

We have a playroom for children, easily accessible toilets and an information counter where you can ask questions if there is anything you need help with at Oasen.

But there are a selected few unique stores and restaurants where we especially recommend you make a stop at while you’re here.

Palmehaven Café

Have a homecooked and traditional Norwegian meal at Palmehaven Café. This familybusiness has been run by the same family for years. The café is most well known for its traditional meals like “Kjøttkaker”, “Komle” and “Torsk”.

  • Komle/Raspeball : Ball made of potatoes, flour, water and salt. Paired with the komle, there is sausage, bacon, salt meat, carrots and a stew of turnip or kohlrabi. Some people even use a little bit of sugar and melted butter to dip the komle in😉
  • Torsk: Pan fried cod, with potatoes and salty vegetables.
  • Kjøttkaker: Tasty meatballs with potatoes, gravy and vegetables.
Matrett på tallerken

For the shopping enthusiasts we have over 60 stores, many of which offer impressive selections of Norwegian and Scandinavian brands.

Norrøna Concept Store with outdoor clothing and accessories, with their Scandinavian inspired interior, Kitchn with brands like Eva Solo and Moomin from Arabia. All this and more, will give you an opportunity to take a piece of Scandinavia with you back home.

If you’re looking for practical things like phone chargers, earplugs or headsets we have stores like Telenorbutikk, Elkjøp, Clas Ohlson and Kjell&Company.

With a five minute walk, you will also be able to take pictures of the Karmsund bridge. It is also possible to walk to the top of it and get the full panoramic view of Karmsund and Haugesund.

So the next time you’re planning an adventurous day in Haugesund, make sure you put visiting Oasen Storsenter on your itinerary😉

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